Oct 17th PHP-FPM is here!

PHP-FPM is now available as an opt-in for our Business hosting clients!


Jul 21st System Upgraded!

We've upgraded our server software and now support MultiPHP. Our installs default to PHP 5.6, but you may select PHP 7 via cpanel.

The system is still being fine-tuned and knowledge base updates will be coming soon.

If you come across any issue with your site, please open a support ticket.

Jan 22nd Let's Encrypt now fully supported!

In order to take advantage of HTTP2, your site must be secure, which requires an SSL certificate. Normally, those are costly and too complicated for most users, requiring RWH to install the cert to for you.No longer is the process complicated. RWH now offers Let's Encrypt, providing FREE SSL certificates for personal sites! Please see the ... Read More »

Jan 21st HTTP2 now supported

All sites hosted on Reliablewebsitehost can now take advantage of HTTP2.

More info here and a browser test here. HTTP2 FAQ here.

To take advantage of HTTP2, all you have to do is acquire an SSL certificate and make sure your entire site is https.
Our server does the rest!

Jan 19th CloudFlare now available!

CloudFlare is now available to all our hosting customers, directly in Cpanel. You may read up on CloudFlare here. CloudFlare's free and Pro tiers offer basic DDoS protection, and their Business tier offers advanced DDoS protection.Please note that additional configuration will be needed if your site has SSL.  How to enable? See the KB article. Read More »

Sep 21st We're improving our service!

Due to some issues in mail deliverability to certain hosts, we have decided to move to a host where we'll have more control over mail and server security. I have been configuring the new VPS server for the last few days and am now securing the setup. Once the security setup and audit are finished, we will be moving all our accounts over in ... Read More »

Apr 15th Heartbleed exploit and server impact.

As with most hosts, our server was vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. We have patched it and tested it clean of the vulnerability. All our customers will soon receive new passwords for our client area.We advise any customers with existing SSL certificates to have them re-issued and to provide us with the CSR, cert and CA bundle so that we may ... Read More »

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