Enabling CloudFlare for a CNAME is easy!

Login to Cpanel (directly or through our client area), click CloudFlare in the "Cloudflare - Supercharge your site" section, enter your e-mail, check the box, click on the bottom right "click here to continue", find the CNAME you want to enable (usually www) and click the gray cloud.

This will enable CloudFlare on that spacific CNAME.  It will take some time, up to 4 hours, for the CNAME change to propagate, but the changeover is seamless.

Simply turning CloudFlare on for your account is simple. If you wish to use CloudFlare's more advanced settings, you will need to claim your password (link included on the e-mail you received) and login to their site.

Basic accounts are free. Pro accounts offer additional features and Business offers advanced DDoS protection.
If you're considering a Pro account, please note that Reliablewebsitehost already provides a WAF (Web Application Firewall). 

You must contact CloudFlare Support for CloudFlare-related issues.

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